Maximize Your Space in Your Home

Maximize Your Space in Your Home. Looking for ways to make your Decatur home feel larger? Tomie Fox from Fox Real Estate Group has some local, clever tips that can help you maximize your living space efficiently.

Utilize Vertical Storage
Don’t overlook your walls! Installing tall shelves or hooks can dramatically increase your storage capacity. Check out Decatur’s Handyman Hardware for stylish options.

Opt for Multi-functional Furniture
Furniture that doubles as storage is a must in smaller homes. Think beds with drawers or coffee tables with shelves. These are perfect for tight spaces in Decatur homes.

Declutter to Increase Space
As the best realtor in Decatur, Texas, I recommend regular decluttering. Keep surfaces clean and open to make rooms feel bigger.

Explore Hidden Storage Options
Utilize hidden spaces like under stairs for storage. In Decatur, you can find contractors who specialize in custom storage solutions.

Invest in Custom Built-Ins
Tailored built-in cabinets and shelves can fit into any niche or corner, especially in unique Decatur homes.

Need more tips on how to maximize your space in your home or thinking about buying or selling a home in Decatur? Contact Tomie Fox at Fox Real Estate Group. Visit us online to learn more or schedule a consultation. Let’s make the most of your home together!