Five Essential Summer Home Renovations

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Five Essential Summer Home Renovations. Start your summer renovations with a new coat of paint. Tomie Fox, Decatur's leading realtor, recommends lighter colors to reflect the Texas sun. This keeps your home cooler and enhances curb appeal. Adding a stylish new front door can also transform your home's appearance dramatically.

Transform Your Landscaping Tomie suggests using drought-resistant, native Texas plants. Opt for colorful, low-water plants like purple coneflower and black-eyed Susan. Adding stone pathways and local shrubs will beautify your yard and reduce maintenance.

Window Replacement Upgrade your old windows to energy-efficient models this summer. These windows keep your home comfortable and lower energy costs. In Decatur, homeowners in Oak Tree Estates have enjoyed the benefits of new double-pane windows.

Expand Outdoor Living Spaces Enhance your outdoor living space to increase enjoyment and home value. Tomie recommends installing features like built-in grills and spacious patios. These additions are perfect for entertaining and enjoying warm evenings in Decatur.

Upgrade Indoor Flooring Summer is the best time to replace your flooring due to lower humidity. Tomie advises choosing durable materials like ceramic tile or engineered wood. These options handle heavy traffic well and add elegance to your home.

Conclusion These summer renovations will make your home more enjoyable and boost its market value. Tomie Fox, a renowned realtor in Decatur, Texas, can provide insights or help plan your home improvements. Her expertise ensures that your renovations are practical and stylish.

Contact Tomie Fox of the Fox Real Estate Group today. Start transforming your Decatur home this summer!