The Value of a Home Generator: A Decatur Realtor's Perspective. As a local realtor with the Fox Real Estate Group in Decatur, Texas, I spend a lot of time helping clients find their dream homes. While curb appeal and trendy features are important, there's something even more valuable: peace of mind. That's where home generators come in.

Power Outages: A Disruption to Modern Life

Firstly, Texas summers are infamous for their powerful thunderstorms, which can easily knock out power for hours or even days. Imagine a scorching summer night without air conditioning, a crucial work project stalled due to no internet, or a freezer full of groceries spoiling. A home generator steps in as a reliable backup, ensuring your essential appliances and electronics stay powered during an outage. This highlights the value of a home generator: a Decatur Realtor's perspective emphasizes the importance of continuous power.

Beyond Convenience: Enhanced Security and Comfort

Moreover, the benefits of a home generator go far beyond mere convenience. Power outages can disrupt security systems, leaving your home vulnerable. With a generator, your security lights and alarms remain functional, providing peace of mind during storms or power grid issues. Furthermore, generators can be lifesavers for families with members who rely on medical equipment.

Increased Resale Value: A Smart Investment

Additionally, thinking of selling your Decatur home someday? A properly installed home generator can be a significant selling point. Studies suggest a potential increase in home value by 3% to 5%. In a competitive market, this can give your listing a clear edge and potentially fetch a higher selling price. Thus, the value of a home generator: a Decatur Realtor's perspective shows that it is a wise investment.

Considering a Decatur Home Generator? Here's What You Need to Know

Now that you understand the advantages of a home generator, let's delve deeper into some key considerations:

Making an Informed Decision: Partner with Fox Real Estate Group

In conclusion, whether you're considering buying a home that already has a generator or installing one yourself, it's a decision worth exploring. The Fox Real Estate Group can be your trusted partner throughout this process. We can help you navigate the options, connect you with reliable professionals, and ensure you make an informed decision. Contact Tomie for all your real estate needs in Decatur and explore how a home generator can enhance your property's value and livability.

Orchestrate Your Summer Garden. As a realtor in Decatur, Texas, I've always been struck by the transformative power of curb appeal. A vibrant landscape creates a lasting first impression, and what better way to add a splash of summer sunshine than with a bursting bouquet of colorful flowers? However, with so many varieties available, choosing the right plants can feel overwhelming.

Fear not! This guide will be your melody conductor, introducing you to some of the best flowering plants guaranteed to transform your Decatur yard into a summertime showstopper. First, we'll explore some sun-loving options that will add a vibrant splash of color to your yard. Then, we'll move on to some shade-tolerant plants that will create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Next, we'll discuss some vertical interest options to add a touch of majesty to your garden design. Finally, we'll explore some finishing touches to create a truly cohesive and beautiful garden.

Sun-Drenched Delights: A Symphony of Color

Let's start with a crescendo of color for those sunny spots in your yard. These heat-tolerant and low-maintenance plants will thrive under the warm Decatur summer sun:

Black-Eyed Susans

These cheerful yellow blooms with dark centers add a touch of prairie charm, attracting butterflies and creating a delightful buzz in your garden. They're easy to grow and perfect for beginner gardeners.


Available in a dazzling array of colors, zinnias bloom nonstop until the first frost. They're also great for novice gardeners looking to add vibrant hues to their summer garden.

Shade-Seeking Stars: A Calming Harmony

But what if your yard has limited sunlight? No worries! There are still fantastic flowering options for shady spots:


A classic shade-lover, impatiens come in a wide range of colors and require minimal care, making them a perfect choice for busy homeowners.


Valued for their beautiful foliage, hostas come in various sizes and variegations. They'll add texture and interest to shady areas, creating a cool and inviting atmosphere.


With their feathery plumes in pink, white, and lavender, astilbes provide a touch of elegance to shady borders. Their delicate blooms add a whimsical feel to your garden.

Adding Height and Drama: A Touch of Majesty

If you crave vertical interest in your garden design, these summer bloomers will definitely add pizzazz:


Standing tall with large, single or double flowers in red, pink, white, or yellow, hollyhocks are sure to make a statement. They'll add a touch of grandeur to your garden.


A popular climbing vine, clematis boasts large, colorful blooms in various shades. This versatile plant adds vertical interest to trellises or fences, creating a stunning focal point in your garden.

Beyond Blooms: The Finishing Touches for a Complete Composition

For a truly vibrant and cohesive garden, consider incorporating plants with attractive foliage textures and colors. Ornamental grasses like feather reed grass or variegated liriope add movement and visual interest, creating a dynamic look. And don't forget the power of fragrance! Night-blooming jasmine or lavender will fill your summer evenings with delightful scents, making your garden a true sensory experience.

Contact Tomie Fox of Fox Real Estate Group: Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Remember, a vibrant garden not only enhances your curb appeal but also creates a welcoming and relaxing outdoor space. By choosing plants suited to your sunlight conditions and experimenting with colors and textures, you can create a flourishing summer paradise in your Decatur yard. Happy planting!

And if you're looking for a realtor in Decatur, Texas, who appreciates the beauty of a blooming garden, then look no further! Contact me, Tomie Fox. I'm here to help you find the perfect home for your summer gardening dreams. After all, a beautiful home deserves a beautiful garden to match.

10 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself. Hello, Decatur! This is Tomie Fox from the Fox Real Estate Group, the best realtor near you. Today, we’re diving into the world of DIY home repairs. Whether you're sprucing up your space or preparing to sell, these simple fixes can make a big difference. Let's get started!

1. Fix a Leaky Faucet

First, let’s tackle the leaky faucet. A dripping faucet can be annoying and costly. Simply replacing the washer or O-ring usually does the trick. Head to your local Decatur hardware store, and you’ll find everything you need. How to fix a leaky faucet yourself has never been easier!

2. Patch Small Holes in Walls

Next, consider patching those small holes in your walls. Small holes from picture frames or wall anchors are easy to fix. Use a bit of spackle and a putty knife. Then, sand it smooth and touch up with paint. This is a quick way to refresh your walls before showings. Easy ways to patch small holes in walls can instantly improve your home’s appearance.

3. Unclog a Drain

Moreover, clogged drains are common but easy to clear. Use a drain snake or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This eco-friendly solution works wonders and avoids harsh chemicals. Unclogging a drain without harsh chemicals is both safe and effective.

4. Replace Cabinet Hardware

Additionally, updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Replacing cabinet handles and knobs can give your space a fresh look. Visit a Decatur home improvement store for stylish options. Affordable cabinet hardware replacement ideas can transform your kitchen in no time.

5. Install a New Light Fixture

Furthermore, a new light fixture can transform a room. Make sure to turn off the electricity before you start. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll have a bright new look in no time.

6. Repair a Running Toilet

Also, a running toilet wastes water and money. The fix is often as simple as replacing the flapper or adjusting the float. These parts are inexpensive and can be found at any Decatur hardware store. How to repair a running toilet at home is a straightforward task that saves water and money.

7. Paint a Room

Similarly, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. Choose a neutral color if you’re preparing to sell. It’s a project you can complete in a weekend, and it makes a huge impact.

8. Fix Squeaky Doors

In addition, squeaky doors are easy to fix with a bit of lubricant. Apply WD-40 to the hinges and work it in. Your doors will be quiet and smooth in no time.

9. Clean the Gutters

Furthermore, clogged gutters can lead to water damage. Clean them out at least twice a year. Use a sturdy ladder and gloves to remove debris. This simple task can prevent costly repairs later.

10. Replace Weatherstripping

Finally, drafty windows and doors can increase energy bills. Replace old weatherstripping to keep your home comfortable. This quick fix can be done in an afternoon and saves money on heating and cooling.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, home repairs don’t always require a professional. With a little effort, you can tackle these tasks yourself. If you’re considering selling your home, these DIY projects can boost your home’s appeal. For more tips or to discuss selling your home, contact Tomie Fox, the best realtor near you in Decatur, Texas.

Stay tuned for more helpful home tips and happy repairing!

Why Setting the Right Price for Your Home Matters More Than Ever. If you’re thinking about selling your house in Decatur, Texas, here’s something you really need to know. Even though it’s still a seller’s market today, you can’t pick just any price for your listing.

While home prices are still appreciating in most areas, including our charming Decatur, they’re climbing at a slower pace because higher mortgage rates are putting a squeeze on buyer demand. At the same time, the supply of homes for sale is growing. That means buyers have more options and your house may not stand out as much if it’s not priced right.

Those two factors combined are why the asking price you set for your house is more important today than it has been in recent years.

And some sellers are finding that out the hard way. That’s leading to more price reductions. Mike Simonsen, Founder and President of ALTOS Research, explains:

“Looking at the price reductions data set... It all fits in the same pattern of increasing supply and homebuyer demand that is just exhausted by high mortgage rates... As home sellers are faced with less demand than they expected, more of them have to reduce their prices.”

That’s because they haven’t adjusted their expectations to today’s market. Maybe they’re not working with an agent, so they don’t know what’s happening around them. Or they’re not using an agent who prioritizes being a local market expert. Either way, they aren’t basing their pricing decision on the latest data available – and that’s a miss.

How the Right Agent Can Help You Avoid Pricing Mistakes

If you want to avoid making a pricing mistake that could turn away buyers and delay your sale, you need to work with an agent who really knows the Decatur market. If you lean on the right agent, they’ll help you avoid making mistakes like:

Setting a Price That’s Too High: Some sellers have unrealistic expectations about how much their house is worth. That’s because they base their price on their gut or their bottom line, not the data. An agent will help you base your price on facts, not opinion, so you have a better chance of hitting the mark.

Not Considering What Houses Are Actually Selling For: Without an agent’s help, some sellers may use the wrong comparable sales (comps) in Decatur and misjudge the market value of their home. An agent has the expertise needed to find true comps. For instance, we’ve seen recent sales in neighborhoods like Briar Crossing and South Martin Branch that provide excellent benchmarks. We’ll use those to give you valuable insights into how to price your house in a way that’s competitive for you and your future buyer.

Overestimating Home Improvements: Sellers who have invested a significant amount of money in home improvements may overestimate how much those upgrades affect their home's value. While certain improvements can increase a home's appeal, not all upgrades are going to get a great return on their investment. An agent factors in what you’ve done and what buyers in Decatur actually want as they set the price.

Ignoring Feedback and Market Response: Some sellers may be resistant to lowering their asking price based on feedback they’re getting in open houses. An agent will remind the seller how important it is to be flexible and respond to market feedback in order to attract qualified buyers.

Bottom Line

In the end, accurate pricing depends on current market conditions – and only an agent has all the data and information necessary to find the right price for your house. The right agent will use that expertise to develop a pricing strategy that’s based on current market conditions and designed to get your house sold. That way you don’t miss the mark.

The right asking price is even more important today than it’s been over the last few years. To avoid making a costly mistake, let’s connect.

If you’re ready to take the next step, or if you have any questions about the Decatur housing market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Tomie Fox, at Fox Real Estate Group. We’re here to help you navigate every step of the selling process.

Creative Backyard Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained! The scorching Decatur sun might tempt your kids to become couch potatoes, but fear not! Here at the Fox Real Estate Group, we understand the importance of a fantastic backyard. It's an extension of your Decatur home, a place overflowing with summer fun potential. So, ditch the electronics and get ready for some creative outdoor adventures!

Cool Down and Get Groovy

First things first, let’s beat the heat. How about channeling the vibrant energy of local fairs into a refreshing sprinkler spectacular? Here’s how:

Decatur Fair Extravaganza: To begin with, attach colorful streamers to different sprinklers and let the kids create a dancing water show in their own backyard wonderland. Next, crank up some tunes and encourage them to bust a move in the cool spray – pure summer bliss!

Embrace the Artistic Spirit

Once everyone’s cooled down, it’s time to unleash those creative juices. Transitioning from water play to art projects is easy! Here are a few ideas:

Giant Yard Twister: First, grab some colorful fabric scraps and transform your lawn into a life-sized Twister board. If you’re feeling adventurous, use spray paint on the grass for a more permanent (and washable!) twist. Consequently, this classic game gets a supersized upgrade, perfect for family game nights under the vast Texas sky.

Decatur Historical Dig: Inspired by the Wise County Heritage Museum, create a backyard archaeological dig! Start by burying small toys or trinkets and let your little explorers unearth them with shovels and brushes. Additionally, encourage them to document their finds in a "dig diary" for an extra touch of fun.

Decatur Farmers Market Masterpieces: Feeling inspired by the bounty of the Decatur Farmers Market? Set up a table with washable paints, vegetables, and fruits for a unique art experience. Let them create colorful masterpieces using halved potatoes as stamps or experiment with carrot tops as paintbrushes.

Let’s Get Active!

Now that the kids are cool and creative, it’s time to get those bodies moving! Looking for some inspiration? How about these Decatur-themed ideas:

Eagle Rally: Channel the excitement of Decatur High School’s Eagles into a backyard sports extravaganza! Use hula hoops for strike zones, laundry baskets for catches, and a slip-and-slide for a refreshing slide into home base!

Backyard Olympics: Turn your backyard into your own mini-Olympics! Start by organizing races, jumping contests, and water balloon toss competitions. Afterwards, award homemade medals (think construction paper and glitter!) for the winners, and celebrate everyone’s participation with a refreshing popsicle break.

Beyond the Backyard

While your Decatur backyard is a starting point, the city offers a plethora of outdoor adventures to keep the fun going. Therefore, don’t limit yourselves to the backyard! Here are some ideas:

Explore the Great Outdoors: Take a day trip to nearby LBJ National Grasslands for a family hike and explore the diverse Texas ecosystem. Additionally, catch a free movie night at Decatur Town Square and enjoy a picnic under the stars. Finally, cool off at the Decatur Aquatic Center with its water slides and lazy river.

Remember: Safety first! Sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water are essential for any outdoor activity. Moreover, plan your backyard adventures according to the hottest parts of the day, and consider setting up a shaded area for breaks and relaxation.

With a little planning and creativity, your Decatur backyard can become a haven for summer fun, fostering imagination, encouraging physical activity, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So step outside, embrace the sunshine, and let the Decatur fun in the sun begin!

Fox Real Estate Group

Your Decatur Neighborhood Experts

Tips for Hosting a Summer Housewarming Party. Hello everyone! Tomie Fox here from Fox Real Estate Group, the best realtor in Decatur, Texas. First of all, congratulations on your new home! Moving into a new house is such an exciting milestone, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a housewarming party? Here are some tips to help you throw an unforgettable event during the warmer months.

Plan for the Weather

First and foremost, always keep an eye on the weather forecast. Decatur summers can be quite warm, so it's important to prepare accordingly. Therefore, consider setting up shaded areas with tents or large umbrellas in your backyard to provide relief from the sun. Additionally, renting fans or misters can also help keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the event.

Outdoor Décor and Seating

Next, let's talk about décor and seating. Creating a welcoming atmosphere can be as simple as adding some outdoor décor. For example, string lights, lanterns, and colorful tablecloths can really transform your space. Furthermore, make sure there's plenty of seating for everyone by using a mix of patio furniture, picnic blankets, and even some lawn chairs. This ensures all your guests have a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the party.

Local Food and Drinks

A housewarming party isn't complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks. Take advantage of local Decatur favorites to impress your guests. For instance, consider serving BBQ from Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes, known for their mouth-watering brisket and ribs, or some delicious treats from Trinity Street Coffee Bar. Moreover, for beverages, stock up on refreshing options like iced tea, lemonade, and perhaps some local craft beers from Parker County Brewing Company. Your guests will appreciate the local flavor and it’s a great way to support our community.

Fun Activities

To keep the party lively, plan some fun outdoor activities. Lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, and bocce ball are always crowd-pleasers and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Additionally, you could set up a photo booth with props to capture fun memories. If you have a pool, consider hosting a pool party segment to keep everyone cool and entertained.

Party Favors

Lastly, don’t forget to send your guests home with a little something to remember the day. Small potted plants, homemade cookies, or local Decatur goodies make for great party favors. This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting impression and show your appreciation for their presence.

With these tips, your housewarming party is sure to be a hit. Enjoy your new home and the wonderful company of your friends and family. And remember, if you have any real estate needs or questions contact Fox Real Estate Group is here to help. Happy hosting!

Top Trends Transforming Your Bathroom into a Spa Escape. Hey Decatur homeowners! Tomie Fox here, from Fox Real Estate Group, the undisputed leader in the Decatur market. We all know Decatur residents appreciate a beautiful and functional home, and that definitely includes the bathroom! However, these days, bathroom design is about so much more than just functionality. It’s about creating a comfortable, luxurious retreat that reflects your personal style. So, let’s delve into the hottest trends taking Decatur bathrooms by storm and transforming them into spa-like escapes.

Sustainable Sophistication: Where Eco-Conscious Design Meets Luxury

Decatur, Texas is a community that values green living, and this commitment extends seamlessly to bathroom design. Consequently, eco-conscious homeowners are leading the charge by opting for eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, like low-flow showerheads and toilets. These advancements not only conserve precious resources but, thanks to cutting-edge technology, also deliver a satisfying showering or bathing experience. Furthermore, recycled materials are making a splash in vanities and countertops, offering a beautiful and sustainable choice that allows you to express your eco-friendly values while creating a stunning bathroom. Additionally, smart features like programmable thermostats and automatic night lights add convenience to your daily routine while keeping your environmental impact in mind.

Statement-Making Showers: The Ultimate Spa Experience Awaits

The shower is no longer just a utilitarian space for a quick rinse. Nowadays, homeowners in Decatur are embracing the spa experience with spacious walk-in showers. Imagine stepping under a rainfall showerhead that provides a luxurious downpour, mimicking a refreshing summer rain. Meanwhile, multiple body sprays offer a targeted massage, melting away stress after a long day. For the ultimate in relaxation, some Decatur residents are even installing steam showers, thus transforming their bathrooms into personal wellness havens.

Bold & Beautiful Design: Unleash Your Inner Designer and Make a Statement

Gone are the days of sterile, white bathrooms. Instead, Decatur homeowners are infusing their bathrooms with personality! Dramatic colors like emerald green or navy blue add a touch of drama to walls, creating a bold and sophisticated backdrop. Moreover, matte black fixtures and gold accents create an air of opulence, perfect for those who crave a touch of luxury. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterned tiles, mosaic floors, or even statement wallpaper to add visual interest. However, remember that the key is to maintain a cohesive color scheme for a polished look.

Sink into Style: The Focal Point of Your Bathroom Retreat

The sink is a focal point of the bathroom, and Decatur homeowners have several stylish options to choose from. Vessel sinks, crafted from stone or concrete, add a touch of sculptural interest and transform a simple basin into a work of art. For a more modern aesthetic, wall-mounted faucets with sleek designs offer a minimalist touch. No matter your preference, these trends ensure your sink complements the overall design of your bathroom retreat.

Lighting the Way to Relaxation: Setting the Mood with Multi-Level Lighting

The right lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. Therefore, move beyond harsh overhead lighting and embrace multi-level lighting for a spa-like feel. This includes ambient lighting for overall illumination, ensuring you can navigate the space safely. Task lighting for areas like the vanity provides focused light for tasks like shaving or applying makeup. Finally, accent lighting strategically placed can create a calming mood, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Personal Wellness Bathroom Ideas

For those looking to elevate their bathroom to a wellness retreat, consider incorporating personal wellness bathroom ideas. Adding elements like steam showers, rainfall showerheads, and body sprays can create a luxurious, spa-like experience right in your home. These features not only enhance relaxation but also add significant value to your property.

Let's Find Your Decatur Dream Spa Bathroom

Ready to find your bathroom that's both beautiful and functional? Fox Real Estate Group is here to help. With our deep understanding of the Decatur market and commitment to exceptional service, we can guide you in finding a home that features the perfect bathroom oasis. Contact Fox Real Estate Group today and start planning your dream bathroom retreat!

Transform Your Home with Patriotic Décor for the Fourth of July. Hello, Decatur friends! This is Tomie Fox from the Fox Real Estate Group, your trusted realtor in Decatur, Texas. The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by decking out your home in patriotic red, white, and blue? Here are some fantastic Fourth of July home décor ideas to help you create a festive atmosphere, complete with DIY projects and budget-friendly options.

Budget-Friendly Options: Shop Smart

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of affordable ways to decorate your home. Budget-friendly patriotic décor is easy to find at dollar stores and thrift shops in Decatur, which often carry items like tablecloths, napkins, and paper lanterns. These stores are great places to find bargains on decorations.

Additionally, consider using items you already have. For example, a blue tablecloth can be paired with red napkins and white plates to create a festive table setting. Add a simple centerpiece like a bowl of red apples or white flowers to complete the look.

DIY Projects: Get Creative

Next, let’s dive into some DIY Fourth of July decorations. Creating your own decorations can be fun and cost-effective. For example, try making a patriotic wreath for your front door. You’ll need a foam wreath form, red, white, and blue ribbons, and some mini flags. Simply wrap the ribbons around the wreath form, secure them with hot glue, and add the mini flags. This project is easy and adds a personal touch to your décor.

Another great DIY project is painting mason jars in red, white, and blue. Use these jars as flower vases or candle holders. To paint them, clean the jars thoroughly and apply a coat of primer. Once dry, paint each jar in one of the patriotic colors. Let them dry completely before adding flowers or candles.

Lighting: Set the Mood

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a festive atmosphere. String lights in red, white, and blue can be hung around your porch or patio. These lights are available at local Decatur stores like Target and Walmart. Battery-operated LED candles in patriotic colors are another great option for adding a warm glow to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Start with the Basics: Flags and Banners

First, let’s talk about flags. An American flag is a must-have for any Fourth of July décor. You can hang one outside your home or display smaller flags in your garden. For an added touch, consider placing a flag on your mailbox. In Decatur, local stores like Hobby Lobby and Home Depot have a great selection of flags and patriotic banners.

Final Touches: Bring It All Together

Finally, don’t forget the small details. Red, white, and blue home décor can include patriotic pillows and throws to add a cozy and festive touch to your living room or outdoor seating area. You can find these items at local stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or order them online for convenience.

In conclusion, decorating your home for the Fourth of July doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With a mix of DIY Fourth of July decorations, budget-friendly finds, and a bit of creativity, you can create a festive and patriotic atmosphere that will impress your guests and show off your patriotic spirit. If you need more patriotic home decorating tips or are thinking about buying or selling a home, feel free to contact me, Tomie Fox, at the Fox Real Estate Group in Decatur, Texas.

Happy decorating, and have a fantastic Fourth of July!

Summer Home Maintenance Tips from Tomie Fox. Hello, Decatur friends! Summer is the perfect time to ensure your home is in great condition. Here are some summer home maintenance tips Decatur Texas residents should consider to keep your property running smoothly during our hot Texas months.

Air Conditioning Care

First, let’s talk about staying cool. Your air conditioning system works overtime in the summer. Make sure to replace or clean the filters regularly. This improves efficiency and air quality. It’s also wise to schedule a professional check-up. A well-maintained AC system is essential for comfort during our intense Decatur heat, making air conditioning care in Decatur homes a top priority. Consider local services like Decatur AC Repair for your needs.

Gutter and Roof Inspection

Next, look up! Your gutters and roof play a crucial role in protecting your home. Clear any leaves and debris from the gutters, especially after summer storms. While you’re at it, inspect your roof for any damaged or missing shingles. Fixing small issues now can prevent costly repairs later. Best practices for gutters and roofs in Texas are essential to avoid water damage. Companies like Decatur Roofing and Gutters can assist.

Outdoor Spaces

We all love spending time outdoors. Give your deck or patio some attention. Power wash the surfaces to remove dirt and mildew. Applying a sealant will protect the wood from the sun’s harsh rays. This not only enhances the look but also prolongs the life of your outdoor space. Outdoor space maintenance Decatur TX helps you enjoy your backyard all summer long. Visit Decatur Hardware for supplies.

Lawn and Garden Care

Your lawn is an important part of your home’s curb appeal. Mow it regularly and water early in the morning. This helps conserve moisture and keeps your grass healthy. Keep an eye out for weeds and pests. Lawn and garden care Decatur Texas is crucial, as our warm climate encourages rapid growth. Check out local nurseries like Main Street Nursery for plants and advice.

Windows and Doors

Don’t forget to check your windows and doors. Inspect for any gaps or cracks. Sealing these can improve energy efficiency, keeping your home cool and reducing utility bills. Clean the window screens and check for any tears. This helps keep those pesky insects out while enjoying a breeze.

Safety Checks

Lastly, safety first! Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Replace batteries if needed. It’s also a good time to ensure your fire extinguishers are charged and accessible.


By taking care of these summer maintenance tasks, you’ll not only enhance the comfort and appearance of your home but also protect its value. Regular upkeep can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. Enjoy your summer in Decatur, knowing your home is well-maintained and ready for anything.

Stay cool and safe! If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Tomie at the Fox Real Estate Group, the best realtor in Decatur, Texas.

Navigating Your Dream Home Search in Decatur. Howdy, house hunters! Tomie Fox here, your friendly Decatur neighborhood expert at Fox Real Estate Group, the top-rated team in town.

Finding your dream home in Decatur, Texas, is a thrilling adventure, but don't underestimate the power of the neighborhood! It shapes your daily routine, so ensuring it complements your lifestyle is key. Before you fall head over heels for a charming Craftsman in South Martin Branch, let's team up to truly understand the neighborhood with some insightful questions for your realtor.

Peeking into the Decatur Vibe

First things first, let's get a feel for the general atmosphere. Is it a bustling hub like Greathouse Estates with families enjoying the community pool, or a peaceful haven for retirees who enjoy quiet evenings on their porches in Briar Crossing? Knowing the overall vibe will help you determine if it aligns with your vision of home. Additionally, understanding the demographics – young families in Decatur ISD, established professionals near the thriving downtown area, or retirees in the quieter neighborhoods – paints a clearer picture of the community you'd be joining.

Envisioning Your Everyday Decatur Life

Now, let's shift gears and talk about your day-to-day life. If you have children (or plan to), getting the inside scoop on the schools' performance and ratings is crucial. Decatur ISD schools consistently rank high, but your realtor can provide additional resources and insights specific to the area, like the highly-rated Decatur High School.

Moving on to your commute, a long one can significantly impact your happiness. Ask your realtor about traffic patterns on US-287 or FM-51, public transportation options, and average commute times to your workplace in Fort Worth or Denton. Once you've factored in commute times, let's explore the everyday conveniences that matter most to you. Knowing what amenities are within walking or biking distance in Decatur – from the Decatur Town Square for retail therapy to the LBJ National Grasslands for outdoor adventures – can be a game-changer.

Investing in Your Future Decatur

Thinking long-term, it's important to consider the neighborhood's growth trajectory. An area on the rise like Highland Hills might offer exciting new development with shops and improved infrastructure, but could also have temporary construction inconveniences. Having a clear understanding of the development plans helps you make an informed decision.

Speaking of finances, property taxes can vary significantly between neighborhoods in Decatur. Your realtor can provide estimates to help you factor this into your budget. Finally, let's discuss Homeowners Associations (HOAs). While HOAs in Decatur communities like Fairview can provide valuable services like maintaining the immaculately landscaped parks and enforcing neighborhood codes, they also come with regulations. Knowing if there's an HOA and understanding their policies is crucial.

Going Beyond the Obvious in Decatur

We've covered the essentials, but there's more to a Decatur neighborhood than meets the eye. For instance, major construction projects like the expansion of US-380 can disrupt your peace and quiet for months. Your realtor can check on any planned developments in the area to avoid any surprises. Similarly, consider the noise level. Is the neighborhood generally quiet, or are there nearby highways, train tracks, or airports that could create noise pollution?

Finally, understanding the sense of community is important. Do neighbors in South Martin Branch get together for block parties or holiday gatherings, or is it a more private atmosphere like the newer developments in Highland Hills?

Let's Chat!

Remember, your realtor is your Decatur insider! We have access to data, local insights, and a network of contacts to help you gather a comprehensive picture of the area. By asking questions and getting informed, you'll be empowered to find the perfect Decatur neighborhood fit for you, whether you're seeking a family-friendly atmosphere with top-rated schools like Decatur ISD, a convenient commute to Fort Worth or Denton, or a peaceful haven in a quiet neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Contact Fox Real Estate Group today – we're here to guide you every step of the way, from house hunting to neighborhood exploration. Happy house hunting!